It is not easy finding the right estate planning or elder law attorney. We know this because we see people come in with terrible estate plans, inadequate documentation and more.  The reality is that many attorneys, in our opinion, are mere "document preparers." Document preparers may (or may not) create good estate planning documents but they frequently do not help their clients "fund" their estate plans. Estate planning document do not work in a vacuum, meaning that your wishes may not be followed upon your death or incapacity. Our goal is to not just prepare sound documents but also make sure your assets work in conjuction with your planning. 

Advantages of Working with DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis, P.A. :

FREE review of your goals, family and assets to make sure our plans all work together upon your death or incapacity.

FREE telephone support in between office visits. If you have simple questions or concerns, your estate planning fee includes free questions as you are now a client of our firm. We want to be your attorney and help you in any way reasonably possible.

FREE subscription to our newsletter. Stay on top of the law, legal changes and other important practice developments that could affect you and your family.

FREE educational seminars for you and your children. We hold periodic seminars that may interest you, your friends and family, discussing various elder and estate planning topics. The best estate plan is the plan that is up to date and current with the law – stay on top of legal changes with our office.

FREE consultation with your heirs in the event of your death. Most family members have never been involved with the death of a loved one and the family has no idea where to go or what to do. Your estate planning fee includes our meeting with your family upon your death, reviewing the options, and discussing the next steps. Your children will feel better knowing that their parents’ attorney will be there for them as well in a difficult time.

FREE meeting with your children in the event you are experiencing advanced health problems. If you become sick and need long-term care, or your family becomes worried that you are not safe at home, we will provide your family with a free office conference in order to protect your assets and discuss how to get you the best care possible.

FREE scan of your estate planning documents for future use and reference. Having your documents scanned and ready for you and your family’s review can be invaluable at the right time.

FREE binder to hold all of your estate planning documents and other important information in an orderly manner.

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