In our initial consultation, we will review your assets, your wishes and the best way to make sure you and your heirs are provided for. We will send you a questionnaire to complete that will show your family picture, your goals and your finances. In our meeting we will quote you a fee based upon the work and complexity involved. The key to any estate planning is to know that having a will, or a trust, is not mere document preparation, but seeing how your assets work with your written documents. Having a well written will is very important but, even more importantly, you need to know how all of your assets are distributed upon your death as your will may control few of your assets.

Our basic fee to complete a last will and testament is $400 for a single person, $500 for a couple. Our pricing includes an analysis of your wishes, review and execution of your document(s), discussion of assets and beneficiaries, and among other matters.

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D. Rep DeLoach III
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Estate Planning and Board Certified Elder Law Attorney