If a family member who resided in Florida left a will or trust and you feel like your interests in the estate are not being handled fairly, or you need expert guidance navigating the probate process, you should speak to our experienced probate and estate litigation lawyers. There are many situations where a beneficiary perceives themselves to be wrongly deprived of their inheritance. In these circumstances, an attorney who is experienced and has the resources to do a full investigation are required. 

Pinellas County estate litigation attorneys can help when there's question whether the person had intellectual capacity to make the will.

Lack Of Testamentary Capacity

Lack of testamentary capacity is a challenge where someone challenges whether the will or trust maker was intellectually competent at the time the will or trust was created.

When you suspect a loved one was unduly influenced when making a will or trust you need the best probate attorneys in Pinellas Attorney.

Undue Influence

If the will or trust maker was being influenced by someone to make a decision they wouldn't have ordinarily made, the will or trust could be challenged based on undue influence.

Challenge mistakes in a will or trust with the best estate litigation attorneys in your back pocket.Mistake

As it sounds, wills and trusts are sometimes challenged due to a mistake made by the will or trust maker or the attorney that prepared them.

Wills can be challenged when someone is defrauded or is put under duress with the help of Pinellas County Estate Litigation Attorney.Fraud and Duress

Wills and trusts can be challenged if someone forced the will or trust maker to make decisions they would not have ordinarily made. Further, if the will or trust maker was misled or somehow a victim of fraud, the will or trust can be challenged.

When a formal step is skipped in executing a will it can be challenged with the help of the best probate litigation attorneys in Pinellas.Failure to Execute With Required Formalities

Wills and trusts are sometimes challenged when a formal step in the process of executing the will or trust was skipped or completely missed. This can be a mistake on behalf of the will or trust maker, or the attorney who helped prepare the documents.

Probate and Estate Litigation Lawyers Ready to Serve You

When there's an issue with a will or trust, fighting it in litigation is both frustrating and stressful. DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis, P.A. offers a personal service to help you through the process while also providing the resources of a large litigation law firm to help you find resolution. If you have a probate issue you would like to discuss, call us at 727-397-5571.