First, my dad passed away in '17 and then my mom also had a stroke, which gave her Alzheimer's, dementia. And then once she passed in 2020, that's when we needed to go to litigation. In the beginning, Paul was able to say, "Yes, it's going to take a little time. It's frustrating, but follow the process." On our side, it seemed like it went a lot smoother. We got everything they needed. We just had to wait on them to send the stuff that we needed and it worked out and it's done and over. It took some time, but it's done and over with.

Whenever I needed something or had questions, everything was just quick, like I said, fast callbacks. If a paralegal couldn't answer, I would just set up a phone call with Paul and very easy. Everyone has the professionalism for being in the law office and everything, making everyone feel comfortable.

Talk with Paul about the estate litigation. He'll show you which way you have to go. He'll tell you what attorneys he'll deal with and he'll contact them on your behalf and then you don't have to worry about talking with anybody else. You just talk to him and go from there. I would recommend DeLoach Hofstra Cavonis for any of your estate litigation. They made it easy, they were very professional and Paul definitely knows his stuff. It's just you're frustrated because of things happening, but he knows how the legal way goes. It made it pretty easy for there. I like easy.