The Legal Beagles

DHC Legal Beagles team at several Pet Walk Events since 2007

Left to Right: 2007 SPCA Pet Walk, 2008 SPCA Pet Walk, 2009 SPCA Pet Bowl, 2019 Seminole Pow Wow Festival & Parade, the 20th Annual Pinellas Park Chili Blaze and the 2018 SPCA Tampa Bay Pet Walk​.

The Legal Beagles were named in honor of Bonnie Beagle (1991-2001), owned by Faye M. DeLoach, wife of firm founder Dennis R. DeLoach Jr. the Legal Beagles were established in 2007 to promote animal advocacy in the community through events and volunteerism. Over the years, our team has participated in many community events including the SPCA Tampa Bay Pet Walk.

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Attorney Rep DeLoach is a former long-time board member of SPCA Tampa Bay and has been supporting that organization since he was 5 years old as seen here wearing his St. Pete SPCA t-shirt and cowboy boots in 1979! His father, Dennis R. DeLoach Jr., was on the board at the time. Rep's wife and Director of Marketing, Simone DeLoach, is also a past  member on the Board of Directors.

Rep at age 5 years old with his SPCA t-shirt

Did you know you don’t need an actual Beagle to be a Legal Beagle? Whether you own a dog, a cat, a bird, or even a goat, the Legal Beagles want you to join us to help our furry and feathered friends. You don’t need an animal, just a passion to promote animal advocacy in the community through events and volunteerism. Membership is free and Every new member will receive a Legal Beagles pet bandana. If you donate to our Legal Beagles team at the SPCA Tampa Bay Pet Walk, you will get a free t-shirt and an invitation to walk with us to help raise funds. You will also receive invitations to other community events. Check out our Legal Beagles here: ​

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