Learn About Our Firm (Transcript)

Paul Cavonis: Hello and welcome to our website. My name is Paul Cavonis. I'm the firm's trial lawyer and I practice in the areas of injury law and general civil litigation. We have other lawyers in the firm who practice in other practice areas. My partner, Rep DeLoach, is going to tell you a little bit about those practice areas.

Rep DeLoach: We practice in a number of civil areas, which include your personal injury and civil litigation practice. We have a real estate and real estate association practice. We do estate planning and elder law, which is primarily my field. We have probate administration and trust administration as well.

Paul Cavonis: Rep, you forgot to mention your board certification. Why don't you tell them about that?

Rep DeLoach: I'm Board Certified in Elder Law by the state bar association. I practice primarily with Medicaid, veteran benefits, asset protection planning, and helping families deal with the legal aspects of the aging process.

Paul Cavonis: Obviously, there's no shortage of lawyers. Clients have a lot of choices.

Rep DeLoach: What you really want is good attorneys that know the law, but they're also really there with their empathy, their sympathy to help families out in their difficult situations.

Paul Cavonis: When you have a legal problem it can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, you simply do not know where to turn. Our website is here to give you the resources you need to help answer some of your questions and to point you in the right direction. Simply put, it's here to help you navigate through your legal problem. This is an introductory video. There are other videos about specific practice areas for your convenience.

Please take a look at our 11 core values that are on our website. These are very, very important to us. It's important that you understand our philosophy in the way we practice law. We certainly look forward to solving your legal problem. Just click on the button on your screen or call the number on your screen and one of our friendly professional staff members be ready to assist you.

Rep DeLoach: One family at a time, one matter at a time. We're here to help you in your difficult circumstances.