Introduction by T.J. Schwebke of Culver's Restaurant, 2018 Boss of the Year ‚Äč

As a boss, our 2019 recipient treats employees with dignity and respect. People value their employment and the longevity of employees is a testimony to his or her genuine and caring leadership. One employee worked directly for our recipient, recently retired after 28 years of service. Another associate, who retired after 40 years said, "I can't adequately express in words the thanks I have for our award winner. We have worked closely throughout my entire career, and I do not remember even arguing with one another. Not many coworkers can say that, he/she has been my boss, my mentor, and my partner." A high level of integrity, honesty, sincerity, and work ethic serves as an example for all his/her employees. Another former employee remarked "I owe any professional success I have achieved to this individual. What he has taught me is beyond compare. I often ask what would he/she do?" He/she has an excellent rapport with employees. He has encouraged people to achieve their goals, even when it may not be the best interest of the company. For example, two key employees went back to school to become teachers. It would have been in the best interest of the firm for them to stay, but he/she instead supported their personal and professional goals. He/she also has performed many other extraordinary acts of kindness, privately to the staff of time of personal crisis, such as the death of a spouse or a parent, cancer, surgeries, or spouses losing their jobs.

In close with the nomination, his/her team prepared the award. With statements of support, recounting of personal stories, of 23 current and former employees. In addition to the many contributions to his/her staff, personal and professional growth, our award winner has been, and continues to be, a major contributor to the Greater Seminole area. Co-legal counsel of the formation of the city of Seminole. For many years represented the city of Seminole Fire Department. Past president of the Kiwanis Club of Seminole. Founding Director of Seminole Bank. Founding Director of First Home Bank. Member of the Seminole Chamber of Commerce since 1964, first as part of Fisher & Sauls PA. Past Mr. Seminole. Major contributor to the Lurie Building to house civic clubs, a community center, and the Seminole Chamber of Commerce. Past member of Committee of 100. Founding member of the Seminole of Tuesday Club.

His employees say he will always remark that the success of companies is due to his staff, not him. They believe it is in this type of selfless, generous leadership that makes him not only boss of the year, but the boss of a lifetime.

The 2019 Boss of the Year, founder and partner of DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis and founder and president of Seminole Title Company: Dennis R. DeLoach Jr.


Acceptance Speech by Dennis R. DeLoach Jr. of DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis, P.A. and Seminole Title Company, 2019 Boss of the Year Winner

He told you so much, stuff I even forgot. But it's an honor for me to receive this award, and I just thank you.

The Seminole community has just meant so much to me and our family, and we're just blessed. As Arnett Brown, one of the original founders of the city council, said "God has been partial to me." I have that same feeling because God had been partial to me for coming to this community, being involved with the high-quality people that built this community. Jesse Johnson, Arnett Brown, Charlie Block, just wonderful people.

I want to thank the people in my firm, and I was so blessed to have Peter Hofstra. He was a wonderful partner for 41 years. And Paul Cavonis, excellent, outstanding lawyer for 28 years. My son, Rep, 18 years. The secret of a good law firm is to have lawyers (or partners?) that are smarter and better than you are, and that's what we have.

I want to thank my wife, Faye, for her support through the years. Joe Murphy is a young attorney here, he's going to be an outstanding attorney with us too. And then we also had the Honorable Ken Burke, our office manager for 21 years, and that's where he got his foundation, so he could do such a good job as the Clerk [of Court].

I attended the first Mr./Ms. Seminole Awards Banquet 54 years ago. Ed Lurie was there. Marilyn Mohney was there. Looking back, I think if Jesse [Johnson], Russ Stewart, and Arnett Brown were here and they looked at Seminole and saw what has happened to it, they would be very proud.

And so, my comment to you is just, Seminole, keep it up! And thank you.