Read What Our Webinar Attendees Say


"Presentation was concise and easy to understand."


"Very eloquently explained the need for planning and protection with professional help from an elder law attorney who cares. Impressed that you have social workers and books to help educate us elderly and that you encourage us to be proactive and that you are so accessible."


"Great information and education --and NO PRESSURE and thoroughly professional.  I am a retired Florida attorney and would definitely refer folks to Mr. DeLoach and his law firm.  Outstanding job, sir."


"Clear, concise, and the speaker followed the outline, making it easy to digest"


"Not a topic that we like to discuss, but it was covered in an excellent manner. Factual without any scare tactics."


"The information provided was thorough and informative.  I feel so fortunate that Rep handled my affairs.  Will be sharing the video with friends so they can see the difference between an attorney who specializes in elder estate planning."


"A lot of the information I received from other sources turned out to be either false or incomplete. I now have a firm who has built my confidence up on how to proceed with the issues I'm experiencing with my father. It's possible that after viewing this zoom meeting I will be calling you to set up an appointment."


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