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Ensuring the Safety and Comfort of Older Adults

Florida law is always changing and legal topics can easily become complex. Here, our legal team offers helpful blog posts to share the relevant information that will help you understand the law and recent changes that may affect you or your loved ones. 

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  • Ten Areas of Stress for Caregivers Here are 10 areas of stress for elderly and dementia caregivers from a Florida elder law and Medicaid attorney. Learn more about Medicaid and asset protection planning from our law firm.
  • 2019 Florida Long-Term Care Medicaid Eligibility Standards See 2019 eligibility standards for Florida long-term care Medicaid, including income asset limits, Medicare co-pays, for nursing home and assisted living.
  • Our Brush with George H.W. Bush As our nation mourns the death of George H.W. Bush, I was reminded of helping a client who served in his air squadron in WWII. As elder law attorneys, we never know who we are going to help.
  • My Newest Book on Florida Elder Law Get a free copy of our book on Florida Medicaid, long-term care and asset protection protection planning, written by Board Certified attorney Rep DeLoach, III
  • 2019 VA Pension Benefit Amounts For 2019, the VA has released the benefit amount for their Pension program, which includes aid and attendance. Pension is the best program for assisted living help.
  • Irrevocable Trusts for VA Pension Benefits Learn more about Irrevocable Trusts for VA Pension Benefits. With the new 3 year VA benefits look-back period, you may want to create an irrevocable trust.
  • New VA Pension Transfer Penalty The VA imposed a transfer penalty for pension (i.e., aid and attendance) benefits, which can help veterans and their surviving spouse pay for long-term care.
  • Changes to Long-Term Care Medicaid Retroactive Benefits Florida is currently looking to change retroactive long-term care Medicaid in the 2018 budget. Learn how it affects your elder from our elder law attorneys.
  • Rep Speaks at the 4th Annual Caregivers Conference D. Rep DeLoach III presented at the Fourth Annual Caregivers Conference about the legal nightmare caregiving can be. Watch the presentation given in March of 2018 here!
  • Ways to Pay for the Nursing Home in Florida How to pay for a Florida nursing home? Medicaid and VA benefits can all help, but information is difficult. Learn more planning from our elder law attorneys.
  • Medicaid Pay Back in Florida You may get on nursing home or assisted living Medicaid in Florida, but what about estate recovery, or the Medicaid lien, upon death? Learn more about Medicaid here.
  • Florida's New Personal Needs Allowance For long-term care Medicaid, the Florida legislature just raised the personal needs allowance to $130 per month from $105 per month. Learn more about Medicaid and income from our elder law attorneys.
  • Florida 2018 Long-Term Medicaid Financials Income and asset levels for Florida Medicaid long-term care programs were updated for 2018. Learn more about Medicaid planning from our Pinellas elder attorneys
  • Florida Assisted Living Medicaid Waitlist Florida's wait list for assisted living facility Medicaid (HCBS) can be bypassed with 60 days in the nursing home. Find out more from our elder law attorney.
  • 2018 VA Pension Increase Pension benefits, including aid and attendance, went up in 2018. Find out about using VA benefits to assist your elder with long-term care in Pinellas, Florida.
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