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Rep with estate planning cilent's Connie and Gene

Connie and Gene have been rescuing cats in their Pinellas Park home for nearly 36 years. They currently care for 10 inside cats and 8 outside cats, having created cat paradise on their back porch with bountiful toys and cat trees. Connie and Gene wanted to make some changes to their estate plan, and since their previous lawyer (Meni Kanner) retired, they came to see attorney Rep DeLoach. According to Connie and Gene:

“In our first meeting with Rep, he explained the ins and outs.  This was a very pleasant experience. During this process, Rep made sure we had all the information we needed.”

As part of their estate plan update, they created provisions in their estate to contribute to their favorite cat charity, Second Chance for Strays in Clearwater. So not only do they generously care for these cute creatures during their lifetime, but they also took steps to continue to care for other cats after they have passed.

Coincidentally, at the time of the consultation, Rep and his wife Simone had been contemplating if they should take in the stray cat they had been feeding in their back alley for nearly a year. They were not sure if it was feral, but Connie said, “if he approaches you, he is definitely a former house cat that has been abandoned and needs a good home.” She said “a feral cat will not let you get within 15 feet of it.” Because of the encouragement and insights from Connie and Gene, Rep and Simone recently adopted “Smokey” and introduced him into their household. They have two Siamese mix cats they adopted from SPCA Tampa Bay 10 years ago. All is going well with the transition and Smokey has brought so much added joy to their lives. They now have a better understanding of the enjoyment and fulfillment that Connie and Gene have with their rescues.

Rep always says that one of the great joys of his job is meeting clients and learning of their passions, their backgrounds, and their life experiences. And sometimes while he is advising his clients on legal solutions, it’s his clients that provide him with meaningful advice as well.

If you have ever thought of providing for your animals or a charity in your estate plan, please let Rep know. He can help you update your will or create a Pet Trust to provide for your beloved animal(s). He understands that for many people, your pet is also a cherished member of the family.