Helping your elderly loved one can be very, very difficult. When your loved one is no longer able to stay at home safely, your loved one enters the long-term care "maze."  You, as the caregiver, are forced to navigate this maze, often alone. 

As part of the long-term care maze, you are going through three general areas with your loved one:

  • Legal Issues: Wills, powers of attorney, estate plans and more.
  • Financial Issues: This generally deals with Medicaid and Medicaid planning.
  • Healthcare Issues: This is trying to find good care for your loved one. Here, may be dealing with nursing home placement, care concerns, doctors, rehabilitation, assisted living and much, much more.

Our goal in our elder care navigation practice is to not just placed your loved on Medicaid, but to help you navigate the long-term care maze. We will help you get good care for your loved one with our elder care coordinator. Our care coordinator will make your elder's life better by giving them good care while helping the primary caregiver make the right decisions.

The reality is that you generally would not think about going to an attorney to get good health care, but that is what a elder care navigation attorney does. We provide not just legal and financial advocacy, but health care advocacy as well!

IF you are having difficulties making the right decisions for your loved ones, which almost everyone does, we will be glad to help you protect their assets, help make sure their legal issues are taken care of, and making sure your loved one gets good health care.