woman researching FAQ about the Medicaid waitlistIn the guide, we answer frequently asked questions about the Medicaid HCBS waitlist.

What is Medicaid and how does it assist the elderly or disabled in nursing homes or assisted living? 

Medicaid is crucial in helping our elderly clients pay for long-term care, such as care in a nursing homes, assisted living or in-home care. However, accessing benefits can be challenging due to stringent income and asset requirements.

How does Nursing Home Medicaid work? 

Nursing Home Medicaid is an entitlement where the government helps pay for care if the applicant meets strict income and asset criteria.

What about Long-Term Care Assistance outside of the nursing home? 

Unlike Nursing Home Medicaid, getting Medicaid in an assisted living facility or at home has a lengthy waitlist that takes the sickest/neediest people first, making Medicaid eligibility uncertain even if one runs out of money.

How does the waitlist for Assisted Living Medicaid function? 

The waitlist is not first-come, first-serve; it operates on a triage system, prioritizing the sickest and neediest individuals. Generally, those at home are prioritized over those in assisted living.

Can an Elder Law Attorney expedite the process? 

Yes, an elder law attorney can be instrumental in prioritizing public benefit programs, assisting with paperwork, protecting assets during the five-year look-back period, and exploring additional government programs.

Is there a difference between Nursing Home and HCBS Medicaid?

There are subtle differences on how Medicaid works. This article discusses the differences between nursing home and assisted living (HCBS) Medicaid.

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