Reviewing a Trust ReformationSometimes, a person's trust document may have provisions that are not in line with the creator's true intent. Trust reformation is the process of legally modifying a revocable or irrevocable trust to reflect the creator's wishes. If the settlor (the person who created the trust) is still living, they may be able to amend the trust without reformation. If the settlor is deceased, reformations may require agreements among beneficiaries or court proceedings.

Provisions That Can Be Changed Through Trust Reformation in Florida

Under the Florida Trust Code, a trust can be reformed to correct a mistake by the settlor even if the plain language of the trust is unambiguous. In simple terms, the document says something contradictory to what the settlor would have wanted. To reform a trust, you will need to provide clear and convincing evidence of the settlor's original intent.

Reformation may be used to correct many types of errors in a trust document, including:

  • Mistakes of law. A trust may need to be modified to reflect any changes in state or federal inheritance and tax laws.
  • Mistakes of fact. Reformation may be needed if the trust document was not updated after the birth or death of family members, changes in the settlor's or family's financial condition, or revisions in the settlor's personal beliefs.
  • Drafting and printing errors. Florida does allow reformation to correct printing, signing, or drafting errors in an otherwise valid trust. However, it can't be used to correct an invalid trust document if the proposed changes would make the trust valid.

Trust reformation has its limits. For instance, it can be difficult or impossible ot make any modifications that are contrary to the interest of the settlor. In addition, reformation may not make it easier to make additional changes to the trust terms in the future.

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