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Hello and welcome to our website. I’m Paul Cavonis, and I practice in the area of personal injury law and civil litigation. I’m the firm’s trail lawyer.

Hi. I’m Rep DeLoach, and I’m the estate planning and board certified elder law attorney for our law firm.

When faced with a legal issue, we know that it can be very overwhelming for you. You don’t know where to begin. So we provided some resources on this website to help you navigate through the process. Please just click on the bottom part you see on this page to request free information about a variety of legal issues.

If you have questions about estate planning, elder law, Medicaid, Veterans’ benefits, or caring issues for your elder, I invite you to join me for one of my free seminars. Just click on the button you see on this page to RSVP.

Each situation is different and every case is unique. We want to hear your personal story, so please click on the button you see on this page to contact us. We’ll review your information immediately and get right back to you. Of course, you can always call us at the phone number you see on this page.

Our law firm DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis is located in Tampa Bay area of Seminole, Florida. Our law firm was founded in 1976, and we have been proudly serving our clients and community for over 40 years. Joining us at our firm is founding partner and my father, Dennis DeLoach Jr., who is a probate, real estate, and trust attorney. Also at our firm is Peter Hofstra, founding partner and real estate attorney, and Joseph Murphy, real estate, and civil litigation attorney.

It is our mission to find you the best solutions for your unique and specific legal situation. Every situation is different and we just want to help you out the best that we possibly can. Thank you for watching this video. We look forward to helping you and your loved ones.

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