Meet Attorney D. "Rep" DeLoach III - Our Board Certified Elder Law Attorney (Transcript)

D. "Rep" DeLoach III,  Estate Planning and Board Certified Elder Law Attorney

Rep: I've always loved my dad's work ethic. One of the main reasons why I got into the practice of law is I knew my dad loved it. He worked nights and weekends to help build his practice starting in the 70s, and I really loved that because he was the master of his fortune. He was the master of his fate, and he knew that he loved working hard and helping families out. I thought, "Well jeez, if you can go to work and you can help people out and you enjoy what you're doing, sign me up!"

As an elder law attorney what really sets me apart is the fact that I'm not there just to help protect money for mom and dad. Of course, we want to get paid. We're a business, but really our first thing to do is help people out, whether it's going to be an estate planning issue dealing with your will or trust, or dealing with us from an Elder Law perspective, dealing with mom or dad in Medicaid and Medicare and VA benefits, that's what brings me to work every day. I love helping people and I love helping solve their problems. It's a lot of fun, and it's personally rewarding.

Sandy (Client): I could not think of a more compassionate, careful, considerate, knowledgeable, professional group of people than your firm. And we have been so pleased, and blessed, to have the opportunity to get to know you and to have you on our side, as part of our team, helping us care for our parents.

Heather (Hospice Nurse): He was really good with the older folks and explained everything very simply, made it easy, and really was advocating for them.

Rep: Really one of the things I love about the practice of law is I still get to show up. I get to go see my father and work with him on a daily basis. We get to sit down. We get to talk about the issues that we're facing. He gets to tell me some of his experiences and I get to give him good advice now based upon my knowledge as well. Most people never have that opportunity in their life, and I can truly say that I love that. That's one of the best things I love about the practice of law.

Professionally I do a lot of training, and the training there is to stay on top of the law, to stay on top of the trends in the law, to attend continuing legal education so I can be the best that I can. That helps me be a better attorney because I'm taking the time out of my own career, my own life, to also hone my skills by reading, studying, spending hours upon hours of just trying to be the best I can, because I truly just want to be a professional in my practice.

Personally, there are some things that I like to do such as rock climbing. Rock climbing, in many ways, is similar to the practice of law. You begin both by methodically accessing the situation and planning each step needed to reach the desired goal. In the case of rock climbing, it's getting to the top of the wall. And in the practice of law, it's getting the best legal solution I can for each clients own unique legal situation. Both rock climbing and the practice of law require dedication, patience, focus and ongoing learning and training to be the best person and attorney that I can be. 

Heather: I raised some concerns with him about the family dynamics, and he took that into account and did what was absolutely in the best interest of his client.

Rep: My philosophy and really our entire team's philosophy is to help our clients make the best decisions they possibly can, and we're going to treat people like our family. We're here to give them good advice. How would we do this situation? And everyone on our team tries to do that on a daily basis.