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Florida 2018 Long-Term Financial Qualification Update

Florida updates its qualification levels for Long-Term Medicare twice annually. The calendar year update generally deals with asset and income levels while the mid-year update has to do with spousal qualification and other minor aspects. The full financial updates were updated on July 1, 2018, so here are the updated financial aspects for Medicaid qualification for nursing home, assisted living and long-term care.

  2017 2018 
Assets for Single Applicant  $2,000   $2,000 
Assets allowed for Community Spouse $120,900 $123,600
Gross income limit for Medicaid Applicant* $2,205/m $2,250/m
Gross income limit for Community Spouse Unlimited Unlimited
Minimum Spousal Income Diversion $2,030/m  $2,058/m
Maximum Spousal Income Diversion $3,022.50/m $3,090/m
Exempt value of homestead $560,000 $572,000
Transfer Penalty Divisor $8,944 $9,171
Community Spouse Housing Allowance $609/month $617/month
Medicare Co-Pays for Skilled Nursing (days 21-100) $164.50/day $167.50/day
*Income Trust needed for income over this amount    

If you need help with Medicaid for your elder, please feel free to attend one of our monthly Webinars on Medicaid and asset protection planning!

If you are married and looking to place your spouse into long-term care, learn more about spousal income diversion rules here.

UPDATE: this link has the financial eligibility numbers for 2019 long-term care Medicaid in Florida.

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