I just finished and am excited to share my new guide to Irrevocable Asset Protection Trusts for Florida. This guide will help you determine if you should create an irrevocable trust five years before you need nursing home Medicaid or if you need VA benefits. You would want to read this guide if you:

  • Are concerned about the cost of long-term care for your family's inheritance;
  • Are reasonably healthy and not expected to need Medicaid benefits within 5 years;
  • You would want to give up control of some of your assets to a trusted individual;
  • Are looking to apply for Veteran's benefits such as Aid and Attendance due to declining health;
  • Are curious about what, if anything, you can do to protect your assets before you get sick.

Download your free guide to irrevocable asset protection trusts at this link.

Generally, irrevocable asset protection trusts can be helpful for saving many tens of thousands of dollars from the nursing home.  But what if your main asset is your homestead?  If so you may want to consider placing your homestead property into an irrevocable trust. We have another guide to protecting your homestead property from the nursing home which you may find helpful.

Finally, as a reminder, if you are looking to start your estate plan or are confused about how to create the best estate plan possible, please feel free to download my book, the Top 20 Rules for Protecting Your Florida Estate.

If you want to learn more about Medicaid Trusts, estate planning and more, you may also want to read my second free book, Protect Your Nest Egg from a Nursing Home: Your Florida Survival Guide.

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