motorcycle safety featuresEvery state is allowed to set its own laws regarding motorcycle licensing, safe riding, and equipment required to legally operate a two-wheeled vehicle.

In Florida, motorcycle laws are focused on the bike itself, setting minimum requirements for all parts of the motorcycle to ensure riders can stop safely and be seen by other road users.

Motorcycle Safety Requirements Under Florida Law

Although Florida doesn't require all adult riders to wear helmets, it does stipulate that riders must wear DMV-approved eye protection in order to operate a motorcycle. In addition to Florida’s helmet and motorcycle licensing laws, the state also has regulations regarding:

  • Brakes. In order for a motorcycle to legally be operated on Florida roads, it must be equipped with brakes capable of developing a brake force of at least 43.5 percent of its gross weight, with the ability to stop from a speed of 20 mph in less than 30 feet.
  • Lights and reflectors. Your motorcycle must be equipped with at least one headlamp and at least one tail lamp, as well as a separate lamp that illuminates the rear registration plate. Any motorcycle in operation on a public street must have the headlight (or headlights) turned on. In addition, your motorcycle must have at least one red reflector at the rear.
  • Handlebars. It's illegal to ride any motorcycle with handlebars higher than the shoulders of the person operating the bike.
  • Seats and footrests. A motorcycle operator must be seated on the permanent and regular seat of the vehicle, and may not transport passengers unless the motorcycle is specifically designed to carry more than one person. If you are carrying a passenger, the passenger must be seated with their feet on the footrests.

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