Getting medical attention after a motorcycle crashAbsolutely not! While many riders are taken to the emergency room by ambulance after a motorcycle crash, this doesn't mean that anyone fortunate enough to walk away from an accident didn't sustain injuries.

Victims may begin to develop symptoms hours, days, or even a week after the accident, and a failure to seek medical attention could affect your motorcycle injury claim.

Why It's Best to Get Medical Care Immediately After a Motorcycle Crash

Even if you didn't go to the hospital directly from the accident scene, you could still be owed payment for the costs of the injury. If you feel pain in the days following the accident, you should go to the doctor as soon as you begin to show symptoms of an injury.

By seeking medical advice, you'll be able to:

  • Get the most effective treatment. Health should be your utmost priority. Early treatment allows doctors to see the full extent of your injuries and intervene in ways that reduce complications and stop pain quickly.
  • Refute many insurance arguments. A gap between the accident date and the date of your treatment may spur an insurance company to claim that your injury was caused by something else—something it won't cover.
  • Build a reliable medical record. A detailed medical record is vital when it comes to presenting convincing evidence to an insurance company. Even if there was a small delay, your doctor may be able to establish that your injuries are consistent with an accident that happened days before.

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