Rose's Premises Liability Testimonial  (Transcript)

I went to a function, sat in a chair, and the chair immediately collapsed when I sat down. And I went down. It affected mainly my left hip. I spoke to somebody after the situation. And I don't even remember who I spoke to. They recommended this office. And I'm glad I did what I did and handled it.
It's been wonderful.
There was always a comfort with the staff. They're very personable, they're very friendly. That does calm people down. And it gave me a comfort zone. I ended up dealing with a lot of people in here, and I've always been treated with respect. Everybody that I've dealt with in here has been very professional, very friendly, very kind. And if I ask a question, they get right to the point. They don't do that beating around the bush response.
No question that I presented to anybody, I didn't get that look, that dumb look, "You mean, you're asking that?" Never got it. Always explained to my satisfaction. What you guys are doing, is doing good for people emotionally in getting them through. So thank you.
If I know anybody that has an issue, a civil matter, that needs to be reconciled, in a heartbeat, I will refer this place. In a heartbeat.
I've been treated with nothing but respect.