I am proud to announce the completion of my second book, Protect Your Nest Egg from a Florida Nursing Home.  I wrote this book to help the elderly and their family understand the legal, financial and health care aspects of aging in Florida. Having practiced law for close to 20 years, I have seen the difficulties that spouses, families and caregivers have in helping their elderly loved one. The families we help are going through many difficulties that typically occur after a decline in their elder's physical and mental health. The family is then left alone to find their loved one good health care and then figure out how to pay for it. I have given many examples of how things have gone wrong for families, common questions and answers, and other practical suggestions for a caregiver. My book features the following:

  • What is long-term care and how much does it cost?
  • The difference between nursing home, assisted living and memory care
  • How to find a good long-term care facility
  • How Medicare and HMOs help with long-term care (hint: they do not)
  • Medicaid and Asset Protection Planning (even when your loved one is already in a nursing home)
  • VA Benefits that can help pay for your long-term care (including changes that occurred in October, 2018)
  • A glossary of common terms used in the long-term care industry
  • My loved one just went to the nursing home - help!

Other parts of my book deal with asset protection pre-planning for those still in good health. Such topics include:

  • Irrevocable Trust Planning for Medicaid and VA Benefits (5 years before you get sick)
  • When and how to buy long-term care insurance
  • How the Pension Protection Act can help you pay for your long-term care without giving up control of your money
  • Durable powers of attorney, living wills and advance directives

If you would like a free copy of my book, please visit this webpage.

If you would like a free copy of my first book, the Top 20 Rules for Protecting Your Florida Estate, please visit this webpage. This book discusses the best way to create an estate plan for your family, which includes revocable living trusts, estate taxes and more.

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