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Walter is fortunate to be alive. “I was heading west on Belleair Road and a car was coming at me. The officer said it was probably going 60 miles an hour,” recalled Walter. “I was pushed into the front of a business. I pried open my door and checked on the other driver. She had two small children in the back seat.”

“When you have an accident, you think if I’m walking and I’m talking that everything’s okay,” added Walter’s wife, Donna. “And at first, you don’t notice that things aren’t okay.”

Walter’s injuries were far from okay. He suffered a chest contusion, head injury, neck and back herniations, a tear in his left shoulder, and two ribs were broken off at the spine.

While talking with his best friend, retired attorney Meni Kanner, Walter shared that he had been in an accident. “Walter, you need to call DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis.You don’t know the long-term effect of this.” Meni explained, “You are going to get a lot of bills and you’re going to need assistance so you don’t deal directly with insurance. Make sure you have representation!”

Walter immediately called the firm and was reassured by everything Meni told him. “The detail they go to for every minute item—half of it I wouldn’t have thought about. But when I walked out of there, I felt like I had protective iron around me,” exclaimed Walter.

Our client Walter with the injury law team at DHC

It was discovered that the at-fault driver did not have bodily injury (BI) coverage, so Walter could only make a claim against his own uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage.

“There’s a word to the wise,” admitted Donna. “I recently reduced coverage with our insurance company because he and I had never had accidents and I was trying to budget a little bit. We were still okay but I would advise anyone, leave your insurance as it is.”

“Now all I can say is there has never been a time in my life where I was so banged up, but yet felt comfortable, if that makes sense.” confided Walter. “I have made friends for life. I never felt so secure in any business environment in my sixty-eight years of life.”

Maintaining adequate UM/UIM coverage to protect yourself and your loved ones is critically important because you never know what type of insurance other drivers carry or the extent of any injuries you may face in the event of an accident. Check with us to review your insurance policy. If you do have an accident, please call us at (727) 397-5571. We’re here to help!