Not at all. Although all planning is best done as early as possible, many people are moved to create a Life Care Plan after a triggering event—such as a life-altering medical diagnosis or entry into long-term care. However, elder care navigation in a crisis can be tricky, and it will take experience and specialized knowledge of Florida laws to do it effectively.

Step-by-Step Elder Care Navigation in Florida

Distraught Couple After Hearing Distressing Medical NewsYou may have already been pointed toward additional elder care resources by a loved one’s health care professionals. Unfortunately, each person on these lists typically helps with one area of care: choosing a nursing home, applying for Medicaid, or ensuring the well-being of elderly loved ones. Our law office has the ability to address all of these needs simultaneously, prioritizing the health and welfare of your family.

The sooner you meet with a elder care navigation attorney in our offices, the sooner you will have a clear picture of your options for:

  • Future care. We tackle the most important decisions first: where will your loved one live? Who will be providing medical care? Who do they want to make medical decisions on their behalf if they are incapacitated? After we know how the future will look, we can create powers of attorney and a designation of healthcare surrogate to protect your loved one before proceeding.
  • Financial planning. Once you know where your loved one will live, we can help you plan how to pay for care. This commonly includes applying for benefits, such as Medicaid or Aid and Attendance through the VA. While there may not be time to spend-down assets for Medicaid purposes, we can help preserve Medicaid eligibility for the future using trusts.
  • Estate planning. If your elder has been diagnosed with a terminal or degenerative condition, this may be their only chance to communicate their end-of-life wishes to you. Many people have firm views on resuscitation, organ donation, or funeral and burial arrangements, but few actually complete the necessary forms to accomplish their goals. We ensure that all documents are filled out according to your loved one’s specifications, including ensuring they have a valid Last Will and Testament.

If you’re not sure where to turn after a loved one’s care needs have changed, our legal team can help you navigate the road ahead. Simply fill out our quick contact form or call DeLoach, Hofstra & Cavonis at (727) 397-5571 to set up a consultation.