"As far as the Medicaid, I think that's where it can be very complicated. We kept saying, how are we going to do this? It was a little concern of mine logistically where Rep was located and the team was, and Gina was on the East Coast, let alone us being up north. But I'll tell you what, even her being still three hours away from his office, it worked. Then for us being up here and all being able to connect, I feel like we never missed a beat.

We expected longer waits. We expected not to hear things and we... The turnaround time, and it just did seem like it was so expedited. Time is so important, especially for families that are dealing with this because you really don't know how quickly, especially in my dad's case, you're trying to get them as comfortable and acclimated to a new environment, the best that you can and timing is huge for that.

It's not really for us, it was for the comfort of my dad. Everybody was so patient, which I thought just meeting him just... I remember I was down in South Carolina the first time we got on a Zoom. We were on vacation in August and it worked. Everything worked. Everybody was always available, everybody always connected, and every question got answered.

You know what I like about Rep's group? It's not just Rep. We always had access to Tammy, Amy, Gloria, and Rep is so patient. The man is incredibly patient. I felt like if he was like that, his team's got to be great and they were. Then it just worked.

If you want something done and you want it done right and efficiently and expeditiously, then you've got to call Rep. You can't do what they can do. They know the law. They know what you need, what you need to do and how to submit it, when to submit it, how long it takes, what questions to ask, but you've got to find the right one. Rep is the... And I can say that because he did it for us and that's with being three hours away from my sister and from being hours away from us.

Again, as our parents age, sometimes, most times, there's not a lot of time to make these decisions and to fill out this paperwork and get things moving so you need somebody who knows what they're doing. We had a great experience, so we're very lucky."