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DHC Hires Guardianship Attorney Kevin Wimmer

Attorneys Rep DeLoach and Kevin Wimmer

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In attorney Rep DeLoach’s case, his clients’ growing needs were the necessity and his personalized estate planning and elder law practice have been his ever-evolving invention for nearly 20 years. He has fine-tuned it once again. When Rep joined the firm in 2001, he took on Dennis R. DeLoach Jr.’s wills and trusts practice. Dennis, Rep’s father, continued to focus on probate, real estate, and trust administration. When Rep saw his clients struggling to navigate the aging process, he founded the firm’s elder law practice. Rep became board certified in elder law in 2005 and launched the firm’s Life Care Planning (LCP) practice in 2010. 

LCP is a holistic approach that examines not only the legal and financial aspects of the aging process, but provides healthcare advocacy to assist our clients and their families to help their aging loved ones.

“I wanted to do more to provide advocacy for those dealing with incapacity and exploitation issues,” explained Rep. “So I started a search for a guardianship attorney.”

Rep found Attorney Kevin Wimmer who recently moved to the area from New York, where he concentrated on estate planning and probate litigation. While Kevin has a strong background in elder issues, he also offers great courtroom experience. We knew Kevin would be the perfect advocate for those who need guardianship and other elder exploitation issues. We clearly saw the need for him in Pinellas County because we typically had to refer those cases out. With the expert support of board certified civil trial attorney Paul Cavonis, we can now handle these types of litigation issues in-house.

With so many law firms in the area, what attracted Kevin to our firm? “I connected with your core values and felt the firm was a good cultural fit,” he explained.

“What inspired me to go into guardianship and elder law was my mother who was a nursing home nurse for 30 years. She was one of the early adopters of the hospice movement in the 1970s. I was a young boy, but at the time I became very sensitive to what is needed and what is critical to both the hospice patient and the hospice family. I sense that my mom is on my shoulder when I’m working with my elderly clients.” 

We believe Kevin is a great fit for our firm and equips us to advance our advocacy for the elderly. Learn more about Kevin Wimmer and our guardianship services.

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