client testimonialGreetings!  My family and I have been a client of DeLoach and Hofstra, Elder Care Service Group, for almost a year.  As this 1 year anniversary approaches, and with Father's Day, this weekend, as the founder of the Law Offices of DeLoach and Hofstra, I wanted to tell you personally how very much Rep, and Tammy, have helped my family.

When we first met Rep, in July 2011, my dad was hospitalized, and in and out of a nursing home.  My mother was alone with my mentally retarded brother.  If dad died, she would no longer receive a pension.  If the nursing home consumed all off her "nest egg,” she would be destitute.  In short, it was a dire situation.  Rep and Tammy provided the expertise to get my mother's financial and legal affairs in order.  It was completed efficiently and effectively, with Medicaid being approved!  My dad was moved, from [another facility] (which I thought was an awful place), to Tierra Pines. He has received excellent care.  It is a great comfort to know that you are available when needed to help insure my dad continues to receive the best possible care.

My brother Peter became a client of DeLoach and Hofstra in January, 2012.   Tammy and Rep assisted in working through the maze associated with APD to procure a residential placement with PARC.  In short, the APD system is a Nightmare!!  This was no easy task!!  Tammy attended several meetings with my mother and APD which were highly emotional, and handled them with the utmost professionalism.  I cannot thank Tammy and Rep enough for helping to get Peter placed.

Now, as the 2 major crises have been handled, my mom has become one of your clients.   Rep is assisting once again, so that all is in order, and there will be no crises, as mom ages.

I am sending this e-mail, because I am sure any dad would want to know what a great job their son has done!  Rep has a GREAT Team!  They all, Tammy, Donna, and Gail, are hard working, respect Rep, and are caring individuals.  I feel very fortunate to have been referred to your Law Firm.  It has been an experience vastly surpassed by any expectations!

Hope you have a great Father's Day!  And thank you for raising such a caring son, who has also become an excellent attorney!

Diane W.