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Super Fast Medicaid Applications

In my 17+ years of practicing estate planning and elder law, our law firm has had over 400 Medicaid applications without a denial. Applying for long-term care Medicaid benefits can be difficult for a number of reasons as the documentation can be long, the Medicaid case workers often ask for different documentation, and the elder may have a good number of assets, among other concerns. Although we have always had our Medicaid cases accepted, we sometimes had difficulty in getting them through in a timely matter, due to the bureaucracy.

With the addition of Mary Lou Dahmer to our staff, however, we are getting Medicaid approvals very quickly, often in less than 30 days. Mary Lou joined our office in February of 2017 after spending some 12 years employed by the Department of Children and Families. As a senior Medicaid specialist, we had worked with Mary Lou in a number of our client's applications. We always had a great experience with her as she was helpful and always had a good attitude. When she hinted that she was not happy with her job at DCF, we jumped at the opportunity to hire her to assist with our own client's Medicaid and VA applications.

With Mary Lou's addition to our staff, she is helping our clients get Medicaid much, much quicker.  She knows all of the DCF contact information, supervisors and most caseworkers, so she knows where to go when a Medicaid application languishes or there are other difficulties. This means that if your loved one is in the nursing home and trying to get to the assisted living facility, we are the law firm for you. Or if you are concerned about asset protection, veteran's benefits or more, we are a great place to come to for advice.

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