Richard's Elder Care Navigation Testimonial  (Transcript)

My father, who had been living in a condo and everything else, had taken some falls and stuff. Anyway, he took a fall, and he was in the hospital. And then, eventually, after his stay in the hospital, he was sent down to Palm Garden, a rehab place.
When he got to the point where he wasn't going to be going home is when we started thinking, "Okay, well, then you know he's got a pretty good chunk of money. We'll keep him at Palm Garden." The bottom line was is that when the first bill came out and they wanted in excess of $11,000, I went, "Uh oh. Well, I mean, even that chunk of change that he's got isn't going to last very long based on what we have here." And talking with Peggy Fuller, I think her name was, at Palm Garden, she had given us your names or your firm's name basically as an elder law group. Based on what we were looking at, we were going to maybe look at the possibility of getting him on Medicaid.
That was the smartest thing that we ever get in line and get a chance to actually meet and talk with DeLoach and Hofstra. The first meeting that we had with Rep and Gloria and Mary Lou at the time, I told them at the end of the meeting, "You have no idea how much stress and pressure just came off my shoulders." Because my brother lives in Alabama, so Jim, as much as he wants to help, he's not there. And in talking with Rep, he had said that he had dealings before with Palm Garden and had nothing but good stuff to say about Palm Garden and all. Just knowing that I have that avenue and those types of people that are going to be communicating with me, again, makes things a whole lot nicer.
Dad not only is happy where he's at, but he enjoys the people. The people love him. It makes for a good situation. We couldn't have done it without Mary Lou's help, Rep's help, Gloria's help, and in general, the firm. Just knowing the type of personnel that's working here and the comradery and the family-like atmosphere, being able to recommend somebody to come in to this law firm and sit down with one of your lawyers or an associate or whatever, I know that they'd be getting the best care.
I definitely will recommend DeLoach and Hofstra.