Terry's Elder Law Testimonial  (Transcript)

My brother was my sister's guardian, and after so many years, and then he started to become ill, he couldn't do it any longer. So, of course, I took over. And it was in 2005. So, because my brother had been working with Rep and had his will done here, and everything beforehand, and the sale of my parents' home and everything, it was a logical choice to come in.

He is so compassionate. When I first came in dealing with my sister, he did not know me. He knew my brother, but didn't really know me. I came in, and he came right in and sat with me, and I explained our situation, that my sister's mentally ill, and has been for many years, and financially, we just didn't have the means. We just didn't know what to do for her.

He directed me to Tammy, and then to Lori, and we took care of everything and we got her placed. First, we started in assisted living, group homes. Financially, she did not have any funds, and so he helped us to get her on Medicaid and Medicare, and however we can get her good health care, which we did.

And I want to add this, the fact that we didn't have a lot of funds, and when we first came in, Rep said, "Don't worry about the fees. We'll do what we can do, and we go from there."

It's just been that support, because there, again, you're dealing with someone you love, who's in a difficult situation. You want to have the best care for them, and financially, as well as good medical care. Sometimes, you don't know where to go to get that. And Rep was here, as well as Lori, and I appreciate that so much.

He’s just been wonderful, and the team's been wonderful. And then, we went into my brother's illness and taking care of him. My association here has been like a family. They've cried with me, they've laughed with me. I couldn't ask for anything more than that.