Terry's Elder Care Navigation Testimonial  (Transcript)

Well, when my brother became ill, he was at home for, oh, probably 13, 14 months, and I was trying to take care of him at home and realized that that just wasn't working out. I didn't know how to do that financially, because I knew that nursing homes are expensive, or can be expensive. So, since Rep handled my brother's will and the sale of my mother's home, and some other things for my brother, logical choice, come and see Rep. So, that's what I did.

I met with him, and then, he kind of explained the process to me. And then, I met with Gloria. Then, I met with Tammy. They helped me, financially, to set a plan forward so that we went into assisted living. And then, when we needed more care, how the transition went into a nursing home and a nursing facility. And then, whenever I needed anything, I just called Gloria and she was right there. And then, she'd go right to Rep, and then, sometimes she'd call me or Rep would call me.

And the financial part, Tammy helped me with so much, because he had, of course, social security, and he had a retirement plan, and he had a small condo. I just didn't know how to do all of that without her help.

I just felt cared for, I guess is the word, because that's a hard path to follow, when you take someone you love and have to put them in a facility of some sort. And so it was great to have them. And that's a good feeling.

When you have someone you love and you're caring for them, you want to feel you're doing the right thing for them, and they helped me do that.